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Congrats Kristen Parson - World Teachers' Day Art Contest Winner

Posted Date: 10/05/2021

Title of Piece:  Hands that Light the Future
Artist:  Kristen Parson
Teacher: Mario Munguia
Chisum High School | Chisum ISD

Kristen Parson - Painting title, Hands that light the futureThe art piece depicts a teacher’s hands spilling out knowledge and information. The teacher is providing the student with all the science information that he will need in the future. Because the teacher provided him with a wonderful education, he will be able to become a doctor in the future. Doctors have saved countless lives during the covid pandemic. They are very important people, but they wouldn’t exist without the teachers that have taught them all the information they need to know. I used the light bulb with the light shining out to indicate that teachers can light the way forward. Teachers can create doctors and many other important professions that can help us overcome the pandemic and much more. All the careers in this world would not be possible if teachers were not here to give people the knowledge they need to perform the tasks their jobs require. I painted a map of the world in the background to represent that teachers are all around the world. Teaching takes place everywhere.


Congrats Kristen!   1st place World Teachers’ Day Art Contest winner for Region 8, $1,000.00

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