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Welcome to my classroom. I am very excited to have you in class this year. Whether it's honors algebra II or pre-calculus, I have a great year of learning planned. Below, you will find a short list of materials needed. These supplies and a positive attitude will be all you need to be successful. So come ready to work and expecting to learn.

Practice is essential to learning mathematics. We will have an assignment each day, other than test days. Each assignment is due the next school day. If you are absent, check with me your first day back to get the assignments that you missed. I follow the Chisum policy for late work. An assignment may be turned in one day late for 80% of the grade. After that, the student will receive a zero. Also, if you are gone with the school on an E day or field trip, get your assignments BEFORE you leave. Your assignment will be due the first day that you return to class. If a test is given while you are gone on an E day, you will be required to take the test on your first day back.

50% of your grade will be daily work, and 50% will be tests. 

Retests will be given by teacher discretion based on overall class performance.

I have high expectations for my students. You will need to share these expectations to be successful. You should take notes, participate in class discussion, complete all assignments and turn them in on time, and study intensely for all tests.

I look forward to a great year!


Supplies Needed:


Notebook paper


Graphing Calculator (We will check one out of the library)

Textbook (Issued during the first or second day of school)

These supplies must be brought to class every day.