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Chisum High School

Career Prep 1 & 2 Handbook


Chisum  ISD does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, religion, sex, age, or disabilities in providing educational services, activities, and programs, including vocational programs, in accordance with Title VI of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, as amended; Title IX of the Educational Amendments of 1972; Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973; as amended; and Title II of the American with Disablities Act.


Definition of Career Preparation Education


Career Preparation education is a method of instruction that combines classroom instruction with paid employment directly related to the classroom instruction.  Both student instruction and employment are planned and supervised by the school and the employer so that each contributes to the student’s career objective and employability.


Career Preparation Terms and General Information


Grade/Age students must be at least 16 years old, and a Junior or Senior in Chisum High School.


  • Federal and career preparation education programs are subject to applicable federal and state labor regulations.  Teacher-coordinators and employers must keep abreast of such regulations to ensure compliance.

  • The school must maintain the following records for each career preparation student:

    • Hour/Wage Report

    • Employer Contact Information

    • Employment Verification Form

    • Documentation of all out-of-school coordination activities, including dates of on-site visits

    • Unemployment Documentation if applicable


Responsibilities of Career Prep Education Teacher

  • Meet with career prep students who do not have a job to determine student placement.

  • Provide instruction for students to meet employment criteria

  • Contact students about job openings

  • Verify attempts to call potential employers and interviews updates.

  • Complete paperwork needed for Career Prep Program

  • Verify employment and attendance of career prep students

  • Meet with employers/supervisors to determine student progress


Responsibilities of Students


Students are the focus of hte program and in-turn have responsibilities and duties to the program.

  • Follow school rules as described in the Chisum ISD Handbook

  • Follow the employer’s rules and regulations

  • Inform the Career Prep teacher of any problems, situations, job duty, and or management changes at their employers as soon as possible.

  • Inform the employer in advance of school-related activities, bell schedule changes, school holidays, testing days, etc so that the employer and student can decide how to meet both parties’ needs.

  • Complete work permits, wage and hour forms, journal entries, and all classroom work

  • Report any job-related accident to the teacher immediately

  • Maintain passing grades in ALL classes.


Absences, Job Dismissal, and Job Changes


Fired or Quitting:

  • Contact coordinator immediately

  • Each individual case will be reviewed by the coordinator and employer.  If the student is not found at fault, the coordinator will assist the student in finding another job in that area.  The student will report to the coordinator until a job is found.  If the student is found at fault, it could result in removal from career prep classes.



  • Contact coordinator immediately

  • Coordinator will assist students in finding another job

  • Students must file a job search activity log (3 searches per week)

  • After three weeks of unemployment, must meet with coordinator to determine next step



  • Students must maintain passing grades in ALL classes to remain in the program.  Student may be required to attend tutorials if grades fall below passing.


Student Training Hours:

  • Students are required to work :

    • 10 hours per week or a minimum of 350 hours for the year to earn 2 credits.

    • 15 hours per week or a minimum of 525 hours for the year to earn 3 credits.

  • Students may work more that the minimum hours if satisfactory grades are maintained


Student Wage and Hour Log


Each student must keep an accurate wage and hour log documenting the hours worked each week.  Completion of this document is considered part of the student’s work and grade and is to be turned in weekly.  Documentation of required hours is required for credit in class.


Student Journal Entries


Students must submit three journal entries weekly.  These will be a test grade for each six weeks.  These entries will include different prompts each six weeks.  


Student Electronic Portfolio


Each student will create an electronic portfolio including documents that will aid them in future business endeavors.  Examples of entries include; resume, community service hour logs, thank you letters, letters of intent, etc…