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Computer Science 2 Honors

Computer Science 2

2nd & 7th Periods

Supplies: None

Course Descriptions:

Students taking Computer Programming 2 will review the basics of computer programming and learn advanced programming using Java.      

Classroom & Google Meets Guidelines & Expectations

  • Respect others and their property

  • Put backpacks/purse at the front of the room

  • No food, drinks, gum or candy will be allowed in the computer lab (Except for water in a bottle with a lid)

  • No cell phones out during class

  • No makeup or perfume/cologne out in class 

  • No internet or printing without permission

  • No rolling around the room in chairs

  • Be in your seat logging into the computer when the tardy bell rings

  • Go to the restroom before class starts

Grading Policy

  • Grades will consist of 50% daily and 50% Test

  • Minimum of 7 daily grades and 3 test grades per grade reporting period

Late Papers

  • Daily grades that are 1 day late = 80% of possible grade

  • Daily grades that are 2 days late = 0 for grade

Absentee/leave early policy


  • The test must be taken the day they are administered, if absent on the day of test then the student will take upon the first day returned.

  • If a student leaves early due to E-day, the student is required to take the test earlier in the day or make other arrangements.  

Daily Work

  • The student will be responsible for coming in during study hall to get caught up on any daily work missed due to an absence.

Teacher Contact:

Jennifer Leverett

Chisum High School

3205 S. Church St

Paris, TX 75460



Jennifer Leverett

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Classroom Number:
Com 1
School Phone:
Conference Time:
5th Period (11:19 am - 12:06 pm)