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James Vandeaver

Class Schedule

1st period: Online DC, 7:55-8:42

2nd period: Spanish II, 8:46-9:33

3rd period: Spanish II, 9:37-10:24

4th period: Spanish II, 10:28-11:15

5th period: Spanish II, 11;19-12:06

6th period: UIL Practice, 1:06-1:53

7th period:1:57-2:44

8th period: Planning, 2:48-3:35

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                                                                                   Class Overview

Students should have for each of my classes a pen, paper, and a notebook.

In Spanish 2 we will be working on listening skills, speaking skills, reading skills and writing skills in the L2.  During the first semester we will mainly be working with present tense verbs and the quantity of new vocabulary will be limited in an effort to hone in on the verbs. The fourth sixth week, probably the most difficult of the year, will consist of learning how to use indirect and direct objects.  Once again, the vocabulary will be limited. During the 5th and 6th six weeks we will be working on speaking skills, reading skills,  past tense verbs, and vocabulary acquisition.

Each six weeks there will be a minimum of 7 daily grades. In reality, there will usually be twice that many. I always drop the lowest daily grade each six weeks. The daily grades consist mainly of quizzes. There will also be a  minimum of 3 test grades each six weeks. I try to make it where there is a written test, an oral test and a project grade each six weeks. The written test(s) will be based on daily quizzes that we will have had prior to the  written test. The oral test will be very doable. They will know exactly what to study for the oral test anywhere from 2 weeks to 5 days prior to the test. As far a notebooks go, they will serve 2 purposes. One of the purposes is to teach organizational skills. A second purpose is to make it possible to study more efficiently on the tests as they will be based on the daily grades. Any paper that has a grade on it should be in the notebook. I do not drop test grades.

If you ever have a question about my class please give me a call, e-mail me, or drop by during my off period for a visit. Most importantly, if a student has a question about anything in my class the student should seek clarification from me. Questions concerning the Spanish II class will be appreciated. Furthermore, assignments for each week will be posted on my website no later than the Sunday prior to each week.



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