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United States History Syllabus

U.S. Syllabus


Course Description:  The student will develop an appreciation of our nation’s past, present, and      

                                  Future.  The course will cover the years from 1877 to present.


Course Objectives:  The student will gain an understanding of the following eras:  Westward  

                                 Expansion, Gilded Age, Progressive Age, Roaring Twenties, WW1, Great  

                                 Depression, WW2, Cold War, and Civil Rights. 


Course Materials:    (Paper and Pen)  Most of the assignments will be done in Google 



Grading:                   Daily Grades will count 50% and Test grades will count 50%.  There will be 

                                 a minimum of ten grades taken per Six Weeks, at least three grades will be 

                                 test grades.  Late work will be accepted however points will be deducted.