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Robotics Lesson Plans - 2nd Semester

Robotics Lesson Plans Semester 2

Students will spend the 2nd semester building robots and practicing using the robots playing the 2023-2024 Vex Over Under Challenge.  During this semester students will work individually and with a partner to build and copete against each other.  Students will learn about various STEM concepts, including:

  • Designing and building manipulators to grasp different kinds of objects more effectively
  • How lift mechanisms are designed in order to raise objects off the ground
  • How to iterate on their robot design to make it reach the highest platform on the Field
  • How to develop a game strategy to optimize their robots’ ability to score points together

Students will be required to complete a weekly log simulating an engineering notebook documenting the work that they did on their robot.  Grades will be based on the weekly log and how well they work to complete their robot. 


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