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Honors Accounting Syllabus


4th Period

Supplies: None

Course Descriptions: 

This course gives you a basic understanding of accounting principles that will help you develop a business vocabulary. Besides helping prepare for an office job, the study of accounting should contribute to your ability to understand some common activities of the business world. It should be helpful to you in gaining competence in managing your personal business affairs. It also builds a foundation for further study of business and accounting on the college level. You will be taught how to analyze financial business transactions and to record them in various journals and to transfer the information to different types of ledgers. Financial statements are prepared. Upon completion of this course, you should be able to: 

  •  Identify accounting careers  

  • Perform accounting procedures for a service business organized as a proprietorship  

  • Perform accounting procedures for a merchandising business organized as a partnership  

  • Organize banking records  

  • Complete a manual/automated accounting simulation  

  • Apply the accounting equation to business transactions. 

Textbook: Century 21 Accounting, 10th Edition, South-Western

Instructional Methods: 

All material will be taught in class via modeling. The teacher will go through the material and then model certain journal entries and other ledgers that will be needed. In addition, 21st Century Learning (Project Based Learning) may be incorporated. The student will also perform an automated edition of Accounting. 

Classroom & Google Meets Guidelines & Expectations

Classroom Guidelines & Expectations

  • Respect others and their property

  • Put backpacks/purse at the front of the room

  • No food, drinks, gum or candy will be allowed in the computer lab (Except for water in a bottle with a lid)

  • No cell phones out during class

  • No makeup or perfume/cologne out in class 

  • No internet or printing without permission

  • No rolling around the room in chairs

  • Be in your seat logging into the computer when the tardy bell rings

  • Go to the restroom before class starts

Grading Policy

  • Grades will consist of 50% daily and 50% Test

  • Minimum of 7 daily grades and 3 test grades per grade reporting period

Late Papers

  • Daily grades that are 1 day late = 80% of possible grade

  • Daily grades that are 2 days late = 0 for grade

Absentee/leave early policy


  • The test must be taken the day they are administered, if absent on the day of test then the student will take it on the first day returned.

  • If a student leaves early due to E-day, the student is required to take the test earlier in the day or make other arrangements.  

Daily Work

  • The student will be responsible for coming in during CSI to get caught up on any daily work missed due to an absence.

Teacher Contact:

Jennifer Leverett

Chisum High School

3205 S. Church St

Paris, TX 75460



Jennifer Leverett

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5th Period (11:19 am - 12:06 pm)