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Government Syllabus

U.S. Government/ Economics : Syllabus


Teacher: Mr. McNeal             Phone: 903-737-2800          Room: 109



Course Description

U.S. Government incorporates the structure organization and function of the American political system. Topics studied include: foundations of United States government, the three major branches of government, and the Constitution. Students will study the details of the political system at the national, state, and local levels. Comparisons will be made between American government and other political systems. At the honors level students will read supplementary materials and analyze, synthesize, and evaluate new information as they develop critical thinking skills.

United States Government course is as follows: 

UNIT 1: Origins and Foundations of Government

                                    UNIT 2 : The Legislative Branch

                                    UNIT 3: The Executive Branch

                                    UNIT 4: THE JUDICIAL BRANCH

                                     UNIT 5: PARTICIPATION

                                   UNIT 6: GOVERNMENT IN ACTION

Economics Course is as Follows:

Unit 1: Thinking Like an Economist

Unit 2: Understanding Markets

Unit 3: Business and Labor