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College Algebra/Precal Syllabus

MATH 1314

College Algebra

Fall 2021


Instructor: Caleb Talley                                       Meeting Location: CHS 106

Office: Chisum High School                               Meeting Days: MTWRF

Phone: 903-737-2800                                            Meeting Times: 10:28-12:06


Office Hours: 7:55-8:42 MTWRF


Course Description:

In-depth study and applications of polynomial, rational, radical, exponential and logarithmic functions, and systems of equations using matrices. Additional topics such as sequences, series, probability, and conics may be included.

Credits: 3 Lecture Hours per Week

TSI Requirement: Mathematics if you have not met the requirements regarding STAAR testing scores. Check with PJC to determine.


Required Textbook(s) and Materials:

Blitzer Algebra and Trigonometry, 6th Edition ISBN: 0-13-446321-8 (Book is included in Homework)


Course Goals and Objectives:

Upon successful completion of this course, students will:

1. Demonstrate and apply knowledge of properties of functions, including domain and range, operations, compositions, and inverses.

2. Recognize and apply polynomial, rational, radical, exponential and logarithmic functions and solve related equations.

3. Apply graphing techniques.

4. Evaluate all roots of higher degree polynomial and rational functions.

5. Recognize, solve and apply systems of linear equations using matrices.


Course Requirements and Evaluation:

Your final grade for the course will be determined as follows:

Homework: 50%

Tests: 50%


Course Policies

Adhere to the policies set in place by the Chisum High School Student Handbook. Communicate with your instructor regarding absences in a timely manner in order to resolve any issues that could occur from missing lectures. Late work will not be accepted. Missed tests must be made up on the first day back at school or the morning of the test if you are missing school due to extracurricular activities.


Class Attendance:

Class attendance is critical for the successful completion of this course.  For online courses, students must complete work in a timely manner and follow due dates.  Withdrawals must be initiated by the student.  The last day for a student to withdraw from a course with a grade of “W” is Thursday, November 18th.


Class Conduct:

Please turn off or silence and put away all cell phones, pagers, IPods, headphones, etc. before entering the classroom/laboratory.  No obscene/vulgar language will be permitted in the classroom/laboratory.  Faculty reserve the right to drop a student for violations of the Student Conduct Policy as listed in the Student Handbook.


Academic Honesty:

In the pursuit of learning, it is expected that students will engage in honest academic endeavor to the highest degree of honor and integrity.  Students who are found to engage in academic dishonesty through such activities as cheating on exams, plagiarism, or collusion with others will be referred to the Vice President of Student Access and Success for disciplinary action such as dismissal from the college.  These students will immediately receive a score of zero on the exam/assignment in question with no possibility of makeup work and will forego the right to receive any bonus points for the remainder of the semester.  Students who are suspected of cheating due to questionable activities may be required to prove their innocence.


ADA Statement

It is the policy of Paris Junior College to provide reasonable accommodations for qualified individuals who are students with disabilities.  This College will adhere to all applicable federal, State and local laws, regulations and guidelines with respect to providing reasonable accommodations as required to afford equal educational opportunity.  It is the student’s responsibility to arrange an appointment with a College Success Coach in the Advising & Counseling Center to obtain a Request for Accommodations form.  For more information, please refer to the Paris Junior College Catalog or Student Handbook. 


Class Schedule:


Week 1: Section 1.2 – Linear Equations and Rational Equations

                Section 1.4 – Complex Numbers


Week 2: Section 1.5 – Quadratic Equations


Week 3: Section 1.6 – Other Types of Equations

                Section 1.7 – Linear Inequalities and Absolute Value Inequalities


Week 4: Chapter 1 Test on Tuesday, September 21

                Section 2.1 – Basics of Functions and Their Graphs

                Section 2.2 – More on Functions and Their Graphs


Week 5: Section 2.3 – Linear Functions and Slope

                Section 2.4 – More on Slope


Week 6: Section 2.6 – Combinations and Composite Function

                Section 2.7 – Inverse Functions

                Section 2.8 – Distance, Midpoint, Circles

Week 7: Chapter 2 Test on Wednesday, October 13

                Section 3.1 – Quadratic Functions


Week 8: Section 3.2 – Polynomial Functions and their Graphs


Week 9: Section 3.3 – Dividing Polynomials

                Section 3.4 – Zeros of Polynomials


Week 10: Section 3.5 – Rational Functions and Inequalities


Week 11: Chapter 3 Test on Wednesday, November 10

                 Section 4.1 – Exponential Functions


Week 12: Section 4.2 – Logarithmic Functions

                  Section 4.3 – Properties of Logarithms

                  Section 4.4 – Exponential and Logarithmic Equations


Week 13: Section 8.1 – Systems of Equations in Two Variables

                  Section 8.2 – Systems of Equations in Three Variables

                  Section 9.5 – Determinant’s and Cramer’s Rule


Week 14: Chapter 4 Test on Wednesday, December 8


Week 15: Final Exam on Wednesday, December 15


*Dates subject to change