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Algebra II Syllabus

Algebra II Syllabus

Instructor: Caleb Talley

Room: Math 1

Conference: 1st Period (7:55-8:42 am)



We will be undertaking the study of Algebra II! We will be learning a great deal, and I plan to have a great year! Topics we will discuss include:


1st 6 Weeks

Equations and Inequalities

Linear Relations and Functions

Systems of Equations and Inequalities


2nd 6 Weeks

Systems of Equations and Inequalities

Quadratic Functions and Relations

Polynomials and Polynomial Functions


3rd 6 Weeks

Polynomials and Polynomial Functions

Inverses and Radical Functions and Relations

Exponential and Logarithmic Functions and Relations


4th 6 Weeks

Exponential and Logarithmic Functions and Relations

Rational Functions and Relations

Conic Sections


5th 6 Weeks

Conic Sections

Sequences and Series


6th 6 Weeks

Statistics and Probability

Trigonometric Functions

* Dates Subject to Change



I have tremendously high expectations for all my students and refuse to accept sub-par work, disruptions, or idleness. The standards will be set and remain high all year long. You will be expected to work hard from bell-to-bell each and every day in this classroom. Students should also be prepared to study intensely and frequently for quizzes and tests.


There are many difficult topics covered in this course. It is not unusual for students to struggle through the content.  It takes a great deal of motivation, maturity, diligent study, and dedication to learning to do well. It is extremely important that you never get behind during the year.

I want to provide an enjoyable class for all students and any motivations contrary to this goal will not be tolerated. My professional responsibility is to ensure that all students are able to learn in a safe, focused academic environment. My aim is for all students to master algebra II and be prepared for mathematic studies in the coming years and at the collegiate and university level.   

I assure you that I am willing to offer any assistance I can in helping you understand the course content. When you have a question, ask me. When you need extra help, let me know. It is absolutely critical that you be in class to participate. If you hear the discussion, see the demonstrations, do the work, etc. you will be able to keep up and be successful.



Please come in and take a seat before the tardy bell rings. Once class begins, students can expect a lecture, book work via Chromebook, or a quiz. Lectures will be given upon the introduction of new material. This is instructional time and students are expected to remain quiet and not interrupt the lecture with chatting or disruptive outbursts. Students engaging in disruptive behavior will receive a warning for the first offence and be removed from the classroom with an office referral for the second.       


Once new material has been presented via lecture, students will be given a worksheet that covers the material. During this time, collaborative talking will be allowed. Completion of problem sets is crucial in mastering classroom content, and I’m a firm believer in the benefits of positive student collaboration. If you do not take advantage of this time, it will be taken away and problem sets must be completed at home. Students should utilize this time to learn, ask questions, and get an easy grade.


Once students have had adequate time (typically a day) to complete online eBook exercises, a quiz will be given. Quizzes will thoroughly cover topics from the previous lesson, so students should make sure to study beforehand. Doing well on quizzes will make sure that students are regularly studying the material. Please note that QUIZZES WILL COUNT AS TWO DAILY GRADES.


Cell phones should be kept put away at all times. I have a no-tolerance policy for their use in my class. Anytime I see a cell phone, it will be taken up and given to the office.  




Weekly lesson plans can be found under my name on the school website. It will be updated on a weekly basis and should be referred to when you miss school or want to know what we will be doing throughout the week.



These are posted at the front of the classroom and will be enforced throughout the year. The first violation of a rule will be addressed with a warning; subsequent violations will result in removal from class with an office referral.



You are required to submit all work in pencil. Any work completed in ink will be required to be resubmitted in pencil within the class period to receive a 10% deduction. Any work submitted within 24 hours after the class period will receive a 20% deduction, and any work submitted after that will receive an automatic zero. I will have extra pencils for you to use all year, so this should not be an issue; however, if not bringing your own supplies to class becomes an issue, proper disciplinary action will be taken.


You are required to SHOW YOUR WORK on every problem in my class. This is beneficial for you because I am a firm believer in giving partial credit, meaning, if your final answer is incorrect, but you took the proper steps in getting there, you will receive some credit for it, rather than none. This also helps me because it allows me to see specifically what you are having trouble with, and I can address it accordingly.



When you are absent, it is your responsibility to come see me and get your work made up.  You have three days to make up any missed work.  Do not wait until a quiz or test to state that you missed a topic; this will not be accepted as a valid excuse once makeup time has passed.  If you are absent on a test day, you will take the test the day you come back.


Students will only be allowed to test after the scheduled date if they missed a lecture pertaining to the test and were unable to make up the lecture due to extended absences (i.e., more than two consecutive absences immediately prior to the test).



Tests = 50%

Daily Grades (Quizzes, Participation, or Homework) = 50%


Each six weeks I will replace your lowest test grade with the average of all of your quiz grades if it is higher. The only exception is if you missed a quiz and were not able to make it up due to extenuating circumstances; the quiz will automatically be replaced instead of your lowest daily grade.


Cheating will not be tolerated. You will receive a zero on the test, etc. and your parents will be notified. You may not retest on the material you cheated on. All assignments must be turned in before the tardy bell of the due date; late assignments will receive a 20% deduction and will not be accepted 24 hours after the due date.



I allow for one retest per six-week period. The retest must be completed within 3 school days of the original test date. You may not retest on a test invalidated due to academic dishonesty. The retest grade will be averaged with the original grade to compute the new grade.



There will be no opportunities for extra credit.




-College-ruled spiral notebook of at least 100 pages for note-taking.

-Loose-leaf paper to use when showing work on assignments.



You will also be required to bring your calculator and Chromebook to class every day.



I’m glad you’re here!  I am really looking forward to this year and having you in class!


Caleb Talley