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Course Syllabus

1st 6 Weeks- Alphabet, Vowel Sounds, Spanish/English Cognates, Numbers, Greetings, Colors, Calendar (Days, Months, Dates)

2nd 6 Weeks-Telling time, Weather & Seasons, Subject Pronouns, The verb Ser, Definite/Indefinite Articles

3rd 6 Weeks-Plural Nouns, Article/Adjective Agreement, Interrogative Words, Adjective Vocabulary

4th 6 Weeks-Verb Conjugation (AR,ER,IR Verbs), Verb Vocabulary, The verb Tener, The Family

5th 6 Weeks-The Family and the House, Possessive Adjectives, Irregular Verbs (Ir, Dar, Estar), Ser vs. Estar

6th 6 Weeks-Ser vs Estar, The Body, Irregular Verb Conjugation

*Throughout the year, students will have vocabulary lists/tests.

*Lessons on cultural topics will be taught throughout the year.